Welcome to the home of Neuronostics - the study of consciousness and its influences on physiology and on the extended environment.

Our technological development is indeed a tribute to the highest attributes of human intelligence. In so many ways this has contributed to longevity and quality of life. However the emotional and intellectual qualities which have driven this process have exacted a heavy price in terms of our relationship with each other and with our environment. For single minded ambition, often driven by self-interest, has resulted in hostile insensitivity to those not sharing one’s interest areas or beliefs. While constructive criticism has been the cornerstone of scientific development, in the current situation, views differing from one’s own are pre-judged and discarded before adequate and fair evaluation. In this way we have created and entrenched an environment of fragmentation, perpetuated by the need to defend one’s turf at all costs – fearful of being judged as different or weak by one’s own peers.

Attaining a comprehensive understanding of ourselves and of our environments cannot be achieved in such a fragmented and hostile milieu. The only solution is to strive for integration. The process of integration requires mutual respect and a genuine quest for knowledge and understanding irrespective of the subject of investigation. Armed with our intellects, logic, integrity and the scientific method, we could achieve a stable foundation for more meaningful scientific development. This website is my small contribution to that end.