I am a consultant neurosurgeon in private practice at the Linksfield Park Clinic in Johannesburg. I am fortunate in that I am supported by state-of-the-art surgical technology and radiological services.

I manage a comprehensive spinal clinic together with my orthopaedic associate, Dr Uli Hähnle. We are also the co-developers of the Kineflex prosthetic spinal disc implant which is currently undergoing FDA IDE evaluation.

I have a special interest in psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) which is the study of the effects of neuro-psychological processes on immune function. More recent research has shown that these processes have an effect which is more widespread than upon the immune system alone. It is therefore more accurate to refer to the study as psychoneuro-endocrinology.

In 1992 I pioneered the clinical application of PNI in South Africa. This was implemented after I developed the Triangles Model © application. PNI has been used as a supplement to conventional neurosurgical intervention for those receptive to the application. I later developed the online diagnostic program which has been used to the present time as a means of quantifying the PNI index of the patient/client. I have continued to facilitate workshops for the medical and para-medical professions as well as wellness and performance workshops for the corporate environment. The Triangles Model is CPD accredited.

I have explored anything and everything that has tweaked me along life's path. This has included such diverse fields as astrology and astrophysics, quantum physics and numerology, new and old testaments, kabbala and Kirlian photography. That which has made sense to me and fulfilled logical and / or scientific requirements has been retained and integrated into my subjective world view. That which has failed has been discarded. More recently I have identified and incorporated relevant aspects of Buddhist philosophy and practice into my PNI intervention.

I don't identify with any formal religious dogma. I am spiritual in that my god represents a logical system extending beyond space-time and incorporating singularity. I subscribe to an intrinsic determinism within this system – evolutionary process giving rise to human consciousness. I do not subscribe to fortuitous abiogenisis as the origin of life nor to random mutation with natural selection as the sole determinant of speciation. I have yet to encounter an individual that can convincingly argue the point to the contrary.

I am intolerant of religious fanatics and averse to the emotional rants of abiogenetic/evolutionary bigots - whose dogmatic belief is in the primordial soup and in random mutation and whose god is Time, that makes everything possible!

I have co-authored several spinal articles and articles related to PNI. I have also written four books.