The brain as a deterministic blueprint

8 June 2012

Inherent in the hard-wiring of the human brain is the deterministic blueprint of our existence. Said in another way, human neuro-anatomy and neurophysiology reflect the purpose of life. The relevant neurological processes supporting this hypothesis may be summarized as follows:


Neurological circuitry in the early years of life (first six years) is most receptive to perceived sensory information. Environmental elements are identified and labeled and basic associations are recorded. Neuroplasticity is maximal and the EEG frequency is at its slowest.

Phase 2

Higher levels of integration take place as more complex associations are recognized and recorded. Once a threshold level of recorded associations is reached, the brain begins to build up a database of sequencing which reflects an intrinsic understanding of cause and effect. The database of sequencing creates the platform for working memory – the process required for abstract thought. The EEG frequency has increased to the Beta range.

Phase 3

Abstract thinking utilizing working memory initiates creativity. Neurologically, creativity reflects the increasing levels of integration. Higher levels of integration are achieved through the incorporation of available inter-neurons. The integration occurs between existing circuits of representation together with sensory and sensory association circuitry. Dominant hemisphere activity provides the fine detail of the elements while the non-dominant hemisphere provides the big picture appreciation, subtle innuendo and connection to emotionality.


The process of integration is co-ordinated by the superior temporal gyrus of the non-dominant hemisphere. On completing the integration at a higher level, an ‘aha’ moment is generated, a sense of achievement and gratification is experienced and increased dopamine is produced. Dopamine in turn will motivate further action for new application, concentration and integration. Every individual has his/her own unique interest area which they pursue to enhance personal gratification. The conditions which have therefore been identified as enhancing dopamine secretion and the achieving of maximal gratification include a sense of purpose, ongoing achievement and autonomy/self-regulation. If dopamine levels are chronically low as a result of a nurture deprivation heritage or due to a life situation of perceived futility and despair, the brain will generate action known to elevate levels of dopamine. These include eating, drinking (alcohol), smoking, exercise, sexual activity and the utilization of prescription and recreational drugs. Dopamine levels diminish with age.


All physical matter has an energy equivalent which exists in a domain referred to as the singularity. The energy or frequencies in the singularity reflect pure potential for taking up form in the physical (five senses-based) environment. This is referred to as the "wave of possibilities" (superposition). Human consciousness has been shown to convert the potential energy of the singularity into physical reality. Therefore neurological integration collapses the wave of energy possibilities of the singularity into physical reality. In this way each individual, unique consciousness brings into physical reality a unique segment of the singularity. Each individual consciousness is therefore a co-creator of our collective physical environment.

The Blueprint

The original elements of our universe have retained their properties throughout the billions of years of evolution. It is the same elements and their properties that existed at the time of our primordial earth that remain in support of human consciousness and our ability to co-create that same environment. I propose therefore that we are hard-wired to integrate, create and thereby co-create our world. And as we co-create and collectively grow our world we grow the singularity, providing more substrate for further co-creation.


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