Conscious Integration

27 August 2016


Contributors to the understanding of the concept of human consciousness represent a broad spectrum of individuals, each unique in their subjectivity. And while a diversity of subjectivity adds to the richness of the concept of consciousness, the inflexibility of some individuals to respect, consider and evaluate the authentic views of others on the subject, impedes the evolution towards a collective understanding of the concept. At the outset we need to respect that we are, each one of us, subjective beings such that all our sensory experiences, internal thoughts and emotions are channeled through our unique subjective filters. Therefore awe is in the eyes of the beholder and what is awesome to some may not be awesome to others. So as not to be bogged down in semantics, certain concepts need to be defined and bedded down at the outset.

Consciousness: The presence of cognitive function sufficient to register sensory information and/or internal memory-based activity. This may not necessarily be limited to the functioning physical brain. Documented evidence exists which has demonstrated the existence of cognitive function unsupported by measurable neurophysiology.

Awareness: A subjective ‘knowing’ of a concept or entity. This develops from a sensory experience and becomes established through unique, subjective cognitive processing. Integrated with awareness is usually an emotional association.

Belief: A reflection of the subjective understanding of the way of things at any given moment. Belief should be flexible, changing with new information and reasoning. Limiting beliefs are beliefs relating to an earlier life situation (context-based) which are inappropriately applied to later life circumstances. They are inappropriate because flexibility through reasoning has not occurred in respect of a changing environment (context).

Dogma: Blind faith in limiting beliefs which become prescriptive.

Consciousness in a physical dimension

Irrespective of whether physicality is an energy artifact which is converted by our sensory apparatus and cognitive function into mass, time and distance, we live (in this dimension) in very much a physical world. If you jump in front of a moving train you will meet a very physical end, no matter how psychically evolved you are!

In a physical world, consciousness is seated in the brain. We sense (perceive), label entities, integrate their associations and develop our subjective world view (understanding). The process continues to evolve based on our ability to reason. An emotional tag is added to all components of our subjective world view. Emotional tags emerge from an interplay between our physiological needs and their appeasement in the early nurture years. Simply, if needs are promptly met the physiology of fear is allayed through reward. Conversely if the response to needs is delayed or essentially absent as a result of deprivation, fear and anxiety prevail. Fear and anxiety impede reasoning which results in a compromised world view incorporating a higher incidence of limiting beliefs. Genetic and nurture influences are strongly deterministic insofar as our subjective world view is concerned. In mitigation is our ability to reason which is underpinned by neuroplasticity – the process whereby new neuronal connections are made and redundant ones removed. However the potential for neuroplasticity varies depending on the biases and limiting beliefs incorporated within our subjective world view, also referred to as our personal narrative.

Consciousness and the energy dimension

All physical entities have an energy equivalent (E=mc²). The energy dimension has been referred to by various names including singularity and implicate order. In this dimension there is no separation of energy-represented entities in time or space. It is a place of unlimited potential in terms of materializing into physical entities. This is referred to as superposition of entities when in the energy space. When in the physical space, entities are referred to as being in their basis state. Human consciousness influences the conversion of energy entities in superposition into physicality by engaging with the entity and defining it (referred to as ‘collapsing the wave of superposition’). This function was definitively validated again in 2015. Human consciousness therefore has an intrinsic co-creatorship potential.

Whose thoughts are these?

Intrinsic neural activity is driven by sensory input, intrinsically stored information, the generated neuro-electric field as well as by probable resonance with other entities within the energy dimension/singularity (timeless and spaceless). Volition or cognitive motivation is therefore a result and not a cause of this busy neural activity. Our cognitive function is therefore determined by the configuration created by our nature/nurture heritage(our narrative or subjective world view) and the subsequent interaction of this configuration with the changing physical environments of our life path, together with influences originating within the the singularity. Neuro-electrical activity has been shown experimentally to precede a conscious decision by several milliseconds!

Some thoughts on the meaning and purpose of consciousness

If indeed the universe is 13.9 billion years old, it is remarkable that the basic elements have retained their properties unchanged through this enormous passage of time. This flies in the face of the second law of thermodynamics which states that all physical entities decay into states of disorder over time (increasing entropy). And it is also these same elements which have ultimately given rise to human consciousness and its intrinsic ability to convert the energy equivalent of matter into physicality. Clearly then, human consciousness and its co-creatorship function is incorporated in the source files of some deterministic intelligence. We co-create in physicality, based on the configuration of our personal narratives, a unique segment of superposition which then goes back into energy superposition as substrate for subsequent co-creation. Random events inevitably occur, however strong heritage determinants and the timeless-spaceless influences of the singularity damp down radical departures from an essentially ordained life path. We will dance our part in the Great Dance, with all that we are and within all that It is!

Approaching this extended reality

As unique entities, we will play our part as determined by these comprehensive determinants. We will co-create that which is resonant with our configurations. We don’t seem to have that much absolute free will independent of these all-pervading influences. There are however definitive mind states which allow us to transcend our unique, heritage-determined corner and potential limiting beliefs. These include: gratitude for the experience of life and its blessings as emanating from the source files of creation; respect, sensitivity and empathy for others - since we all are connected in the timeless-spaceless zone; calmness and trust in acknowledging that we are small but unique components in an awesomely vast system with influences way beyond our control and comprehension; clarity – to strive to enhance our understanding of things, free of negative bias and judgment; to contribute value to ourselves, the environment and all that live therein.



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