Perhaps we ought to read the stars?

8 October 2016

The intrinsic fear of insecurity has pervaded the human condition ever since the beginning of recorded time. This fear manifests in the collective defense of the familiar and of the status quo – the comfort zone. Those that have presented radically new ideas and concepts and have challenged the status quo have invariably been quickly silenced. It’s just too inconvenient to entertain radically new ideas and their implications unless they offer an immediate benefit to the existing comfort zone.

Sadly, this bias has been carried over into the realm of science. This is most unfortunate because the scientific environment aspires to the highest ethics of human endeavor where anything and everything of us and our environments ought to be studied with healthy curiosity, logic and integrity so as to further our collective understanding. As a result, the gatekeepers of scientific research and their high priests have ordained what is ‘true science’ as opposed to what is ‘pseudo-science’ . Pseudo-science incorporates subjects which are regarded as undesirable and if research is pursued in these areas, serious threats to existing tenure and standing will inevitably occur. ‘Undesirable’ subjects include astrology, parapsychology and all ‘fringe’ health-enhancing modalities. Undesirable topics are inconvenient for the scientific establishment to engage with and integrate and so through the considerable muscle of the scientific community, are quickly suppressed. An illustration of this was the discrediting and excommunication of Rupert Sheldrake, an eminent cell biologist, who dared to postulate a radically new biological theory (Theory of Formative Causation), components of which he additionally validated through original research. In fact, Ted Talks removed his lecture under pressure from their own scientific advisors!

An so it is with some amusement that I note the publication recently of hard scientific evidence showing the significant effects that planetary configurations have on the sun’s electromagnetic field. Why am I amused? Because in addition to its self-defeating bias, the scientific world is an unintegrated place with a short collective memory. Specifically as regards astrology, through the inconvenience caused at the time of its publication the science world forgot about the thesis of a highly respected astrophysicist, Percy Seymour. Percy Seymour studied the work of psychologist and statistician, Michel Gauquelin who showed significant relationships between planetary alignment of five planets and success in specific vocations. Percy Seymour showed that it wasn’t the direct effect of planetary configuration on humans on earth that was the operative influence. Rather, through resonance, the planets modulated the sun’s electromagnetic field which in turn had a direct influence upon the earth’s magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field has been shown to have significant effects on animal (including humans) physiology and behavior as catalogued in the science of magneto-biology.

Well, well .... full circle. We’re not alone. And we seem to control less and less of our extended environment and our behavior as we discover more influences which come to bear upon our small little corner in this vast cosmos - octaves of electromagnetic influences! Best to remain humble and respectful.



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