United in Energy

12 March 2017

Something of great significance occurred in January. I’m referring to the de-classification of CIA documents. Among the documents de-classified were those relating to the controlled studies of the mind-reading and mind-bending feats of a certain Uri Geller. And would you believe it, his powers were validated in strict laboratory conditions. And so it is prudent to review this subject again, that of extra-sensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK) which denote the ability to read minds and perceive things at a distance (remotely) and effect minds and things at a distance, respectively.

Fast forward to 2016 when a talented physicist named Dean Radin convincingly showed that human consciousness can shift matter from its energy equivalent (wave state) into physicality – the stuff that you and I can see, feel and touch. This was achieved by individual subjects remotely (at a distance) influencing a classical quantum double-slit experiment. In other words, human consciousness has co-creatorship properties – we create physicality from energy!

This should be seen in conjunction with research performed in 2015 when co-operating physics laboratories in Australia and Japan demonstrated conclusively that an entangled pair of photons (two entities connected in accordance with quantum physics principles) manifest evidence of being connected to each other, independent of time and space. Manipulating one of them resulted in an instantaneous change in the parameters of the partner, several thousand kilometres away! Add to this Radin’s remote influence of human consciousness and we begin to appreciate a whole new dimension of energy-matter interaction bridged by human consciousness.

Let’s get back to Uri Geller. To move an object remotely or to bend it requires energy. Additionally therefore, we have to conclude that human consciousness has the intrinsic potential for converting some undefined source of energy into a usable form. The next challenge is to define what state of mind/consciousness is optimal for success in this remote physical influence.

EEG studies as well as fMRI observations indicate that success in ESP and PK activity occurs in the Alpha frequency range of the EEG. This frequency is associated with a chilled state of mind or a meditative state. When subjects were taught through biofeedback to establish more Alpha activity they became more successful with ESP and PK outcomes. Individuals with increased frequencies in the Beta range are usually anxious and have lower levels of ESP and PK success.

fMRI studies indicate that the right hemisphere is the area of the brain that has more success in ESP and PK. The right hemisphere is the place of big picture sensitivity, intuition, trust, creativity, emotional connectivity and out-of-the-box thinking. The right hemisphere is suppressed by the dominant left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is all about linear function - planning, calculating, categorizing, speech and so forth. Interestingly if there is damage to the left hemisphere (fronto-temporal lobes) the right hemisphere is ‘released’ from left hemisphere dominance and the individual gains big picture sensitivity, creativity and enhanced intuition as well as greater success with ESP and PK. This can be done artificially by temporarily suppressing left hemisphere function, using trans-cranial stimulation.

If we translate this all into some practicality we can conclude that those individuals who are too amygdala-based – fearful (fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of not being adored and recognized), anxious and angry and who have raised adrenaline levels, are predominantly left hemispheral and have the lowest levels of intuition, creativity, sensitivity and emotional connection. They also have the lowest success in ESP and PK activity. Conversely, those who are chilled, calm, sensitively connected to the bigger picture and are creative (oxytocin types), are the ones that have the greater success in ESP and PK.

I would propose therefore that in place of an array of mirrors focussing the sun on a central tower for heat energy generation and in place of an array of photo-electric cells, we rather recruit an army of intuits to focus heat energy on a central tower at a given location. And since the influence of consciousness is remote (non-localized) our intuit recruits can contribute from anywhere in the universe.

A final word

The stream of human knowledge is heading toward a non-physical reality. The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. - Sir James Jeans

The inescapable truth is that we and all other physical entities, span the physical-energy divide. In this way we are all connected and have been, since the beginning of time. And as we evolve and develop ourselves, we are contributing to the evolving, connected, energy collective and at the same time are influenced by its eternal flux. We are, each one of us, unique co-creators and at the same time, holograms of all that is. We and our entire collective environment are manifestations of the zeidgeist of the moment!


Radin, D., Michel, L., & Delorme, A. (2016). Psychophysical modulation of fringe visibility in a distant double-slit optical system, Physics Essays, Vol. 29, No.1, pp14-22.



Other references available on request


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