1 January 2018

AI will yet be relegated to a mere blip along the path of the evolution of human intelligence. It will be seen to be but a logical extension of linear technology albeit with ‘smart’ algorithms. The NBT (next big thing) along the transcending path of human intelligence towards Homo Deus (a term borrowed from the name of the book by the brilliant author, Yuval Noah Harrari), is Superconsciousness.

The parts are all falling into place. We are seeing more and more evidence of the profound consequences of accessing that timeless, spaceless domain known by various names such as singularity, the Implicate Order, Universal Consciousness and the like. It is an energy domain in which you and I and indeed all of physicality have representation and which in turn, affects and influences us all in this physical, five senses-based space.

Brilliant minds including the physicist-engineers Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne of Princeton University as well as Dean Radin at IONS in California have shown how human consciousness can influence electronics from a remote place and also perceive information thousands of miles away from the source (remote viewing). In this context, remote activity denotes distance away from source/influence as well as functionality beyond the five senses realm. In addition, by merely engaging with an entity in its non-physical form, human consciousness influences the emergence of that entity into physicality – the potential to co-create. Entities that are co-created can further be maintained in an entangled state such that if one of a pair is sent thousands of miles away from its partner, manipulating one results in an instantaneous change in the other. This property of entanglement of entities emerging from singularity is now forming the basis of quantum computers which will have no moving parts and instantaneously connect with other computers at remote sites without need for the Internet. But there is another pivotal component to this development – human consciousness will engage directly with the quantum computer network and in turn, receive information from that space. This leads then to the final evolution of human intelligence – the disconnection of consciousness from machine and probably from the brain as the organ of consciousness. And behold, Homo Deus emerges at the pinnacle of human consciousness evolution!

At the neurophysiological level, EEG (electro-encephalogram) studies indicate that remote viewing and influencing occurs in the Alpha frequency range. This frequency is associated with a relaxed state of mind or a meditative state. When subjects were taught through biofeedback to establish more Alpha activity they became more successful with remote activity outcomes. Individuals with increased frequencies in the Beta range are usually anxious and have lower levels of remote activity success.

fMRI (functional MRI) studies indicate that the right hemisphere is the area of the brain that has more success in remote conscious activity. The right hemisphere is the place of big picture sensitivity, intuition, trust, creativity, emotional connectivity and out-of-the-box thinking. The right hemisphere is suppressed by the dominant left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is all about linear function - planning, calculating, categorizing, speech and so forth (AI functionality). Interestingly if there is damage to the left hemisphere (fronto-temporal lobes) the right hemisphere is ‘released’ from left hemisphere dominance and the individual gains big picture sensitivity, creativity and enhanced intuition as well as greater success with remote activity. This can be done artificially by temporarily suppressing left hemisphere function, using trans-cranial stimulation.

If we translate this all into some practicality we can conclude that those individuals who are too amygdala-based – fearful (fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of not being adored and recognized), anxious and angry and who have raised adrenaline levels, are predominantly left hemispheral and have the lowest levels of intuition, creativity, sensitivity and emotional connection. They also have the lowest success in remote conscious activity. Conversely, those who are chilled, calm, sensitively connected to the bigger picture and are creative (oxytocin types), are the ones that have the greater success in remote activity.

Controlled studies of the savant Daniel Tammett, who is able to perform impossible arithmetic calculations (usually beyond 20 digits in multiplication and division) instantaneously, illustrates much of the known neurophysiology associated with remote activity. On EEG, Tammet has damage to his left fronto-temporal region. When given 2 random 20 digit numbers for multiplication, Tammett merely visualizes the numbers, gives them colors and shapes and sends them for ‘processing’. Instantaneously the answer appears in his mind which he reads off. His EEG tracing remains in the slower range. It becomes obvious that Tammett is not laboriously carrying out the process of calculation himself but rather, is packaging and sending the info into singularity for processing!

We are indeed posturing for the final lap towards Superconsciousness. And nothing confirms this more for me than the opening paragraphs of the article by Dunne and Jahn published in the prestigious Journal of Cellular and Molecular Biology. I conclude with a quote from the article, being reminded of course that these are the stirring words of two senior scientists. (There is hope after all!):

"The voice of the wind is the whisper of the spirit, the

breath of life. It sings to the heart, in a language that the

scientific mind is not trained to comprehend. It murmurs in

inscrutable enigmas and archetypal symbols, arousing a

sense of wonder and a longing for understanding. Science

may attempt to measure the physical magnitude and

regularity of the wind’s velocity, to determine its direction,

or to ascertain its implications for tomorrow’s weather, but

usually fails to hear its sublime harmony or grasp its

profound message. On rare occasions, when the analytical

mind is still, the heart of the scientist may vaguely sense the

wind’s mystery, but the challenges of its translation and

response seem insurmountable, and so the mind typically

dismisses it as unworthy of scholarly attention. Yet,

throughout human history, it is this whisper of the spirit that

has moved many who have heard it to deep contemplation

of their role in the creation of reality.

Although artists have always applied their respective

tools to expression of the subjective dimensions of human

experience, there is good evidence that long before the

establishment of formal scientific methodology, analytical

scholars also recognized the essential interplay between the

human mind and the mystical basis of mathematics.

Socrates’ Academy postulated that the road to

understanding the physical world proceeded via self-knowledge,

and the early alchemists embraced the pneuma,

or breath, as the mediating agent between "that which is

above" and "that which is below". But over the past several

hundred years, as science has become increasingly

committed to its objectification of nature, inner experience

has been progressively excluded from its purview. Those

drawn to explore the role of consciousness in the physical

world have been derided as "mystics" and essentially

disqualified from membership in the scientific community,

and despite the extensive evidence that many of the greatest

scientific minds maintained a deep interest in such matters,

even their writings on this subject have often been ridiculed

or dismissed as eccentric flights of fancy ...... "


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