Transcending the mist

8 April 2018

Without minimizing or nullifying the beauty that exists in our extended environment, one nevertheless has to acknowledge that all that we perceive through our five senses is mere matter-energy artifact. It is the processes occurring within the higher centers of our brains that provide clarity, context and emotion to the information so gleaned and thereby contribute meaning and appreciation for the finished product. Fundamentally therefore it is our senses which perceive the environment and then convey it to our higher neural centers where the neuro-electric information is processed by suitably receptive neurons and stored. This process can be referred to us the bottom-up development of labeled and recorded entities.

This process serves to initially label individual environmental entities and thereafter, integrate the representative circuitry reflecting perceived associations between entities. In this way we develop an expanding understanding of entities and their associations together with an expanding appreciation of 'cause and effect'. This expansion, mediated by our reasoning center (the pre-frontal cortex), gives rise to awareness of self and of the environment. By its very nature, the developing awareness is very much a subjective representation of things. The burgeoning subjective awareness in turn determines and influences that which is filtered through our sensory perception – the top-down component.

The key factor that determines the extent of our awareness is belief. In the case of limiting beliefs which invariably arise from experiences of nurture deprivation, awareness is compromised by deleting or distorting inbound sensory information. Conversely, the ever curious individual with evolving, unfettered beliefs continually experiences an expansion of conscious awareness – of self and of the extended environment.

Sensory stimulation in a modern technological environment may include an AI/virtual reality feed. In a situation of open filters, awareness becomes exponential. The expansion of awareness frees us from physical limitations. For example, if I am sitting in a space bordered by four walls and a roof, my perception at that time is limited to the cubic space. However if I access an information feed inclusive of relevant supportive data relating to entities existing outside of the walls in real time, I am no longer ‘confined’ to the four walls. Add to this my subjectively recorded experiences relating to the perceived entities (recorded associations) and appropriate emotional tags, then I truly begin to transcend my physically limiting space. For completeness sake we need to add the phenomenon of remote viewing. For it has been shown conclusively that with a suppressed dominant fronto-temporal lobe and slower EEG frequencies, remote viewing may add raw data via an extra-sensory mode of perception.

The interpretation is pretty obvious: Neutralizing limiting beliefs and allowing unfettered information conveyed via the sensory and extra-sensory pathways to reach our higher reasoning centers, leads to an enhanced awareness of self and of the extended environment. In this way we transcend our self-imposed or nurture deprivation-induced confinement, to a space of broad perception and clarity. This is freedom. It is about ascending to the summit of the mountain and beholding the broad landscape of reality as far as the eye can see, in an unfettered mode. But arriving at the summit necessarily requires the completion of an internal journey in which the impediments to unlimited perception are removed. Thereafter hand in hand with the external journey, the space in which entities are labeled and integrated, we shall surely arrive at our Nirvana.


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